what do I want

Daring to answer what I want

Recently I was asked, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

I want a lot of things,

  • My shower to be fixed in the master bedroom

  • The windshield in my car to be repaired

  • Debt to be paid off

  • Family to be together

But I realized all of those things were related to current or past issues that need to be 'dealt' with.

So what do I want for my future?

I've hesitated to answer that question.

There were times in my past that I was pretty clear what I wanted. I knew what my design was and I believed with all my heart that I was in the right place and the right time doing the right stuff.

Then I wasn't!

Or I couldn't.

So I quit.

I quit doing.  I started being. 
I quit dreaming and just took time to breathe, and live and love. 

I was just starting to dream again when