I Believe in You!

MY Mission

I believe that every person, man or woman, is a uniquely designed individual with strengths and abilities to accomplish remarkable things in their world. 

Whether it is in your workplace, your relationships or your community, you play a role that may be similar, but still unique to who you are and how you think, work and play.  

I want to help you BE you! 

Kathy has a unique and caring way of giving me new hope, helping me pursue my dreams, and become the woman God created me to be.
— Becky Carter, Wellness Coach

What is coaching?

Let's start with what coaching is NOT...

  • Counseling - I am not here to deal with the pain in your past. We may look back to see what is keeping you from moving toward your dream but the focus is forward.

  • Consulting - I am not hear to tell you what or how to do what you should do. You decide what is your best next step.

I am a coach!

  • I am a guide that helps you step back from life enough to discover what is important to you as you move ahead.

  • I am a facilitator that asks questions, listens for your answers and holds a mirror for you to see what you say.

  • I am an accountability partner to keep before you the vision you have for your life.

Coaching is all about you!

  • You are the hero of your own story

  • You get honest with yourself and stop comparing yourself to another woman's design.

  • You see the beauty of who you really are

  • You listen to your life and mine the wealth of insights found there.

  • You identify extraordinary opportunities for influence you have to reach your world

  • You choose the best next steps to live out of who you are

  • You experience success because of your honesty, your effort, and your courage to BE YOU!

Are you ready to take the next step toward your best version of YOU?

Private Coaching: for Individuals or Couples

The relationship between Coach and Client is powerful for personal change. Individuals or couples partner with me to take specific areas of your lives to the next level of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Together we will:

  • Clarify your vision

  • Identify your strengths & resources

  • Align your priorities with your vision

  • Overcome the obstacles

  • Create an intentional plan of action

A private Coaching session is generally 1 hour in length. We begin with two questions:

  1. What do you want to talk about?

  2. What do you want to have at the end?

Depending on the your topic of choice and self– awareness of your situation, some topics can be covered in 1-2 sessions and you can be on your way to accomplishing those steps that are bring you the greatest fulfillment.  However, generally I find that 3-6 sessions is the most beneficial.

Laser Coaching

Perhaps you have an immediate situation that just needs to be resolved quickly or you are in a time crunch.  Or you want to get to the truth quickly so you can move on with your next step. Consider scheduling a laser phone session which last 20 minutes in length.  We can take a more assertive approach getting to the results needed to take your next step.  This can be a single session or series of sessions.

Not sure if coaching is a good match for you?   Consider a free Strategy Session (15-20 min phone consult) to discuss how our partnering could benefit you.


Group Coaching and classes

KathyBurrus.com offers a variety of group coaching opportunities and events throughout the year.  Check for current opportunities under NEW PRODUCTS.

Group sizes vary depending on the topic being discussed. Some groups are as small as 5-6, as large as 10-12.

Classes and workshops will be offered periodically both live and virtually.

All of these offerings allow you to:

  • explore the topic presented as it relates to you

  • experience coaching in a safe and supportive environment

  • enjoy the synergy of working in community

Ladies...this class is unbelievable! Come in with an open heart
and watch what God reveals to you. You will be changed!!
— Janice Rayl

I am a speaker

Looking for a speaker for your group or community?

Kathy is available to speak on a variety of topics related to life, love and loss and leadership.  You will find more information in the links below.

About Kathy Burrus, author & speaker

Speaking Topics used by Kathy Burrus

For more information, contact kathy@kathyburrus.com.

How can I begin to put into words what your presentation meant to me? It was so powerful. God has called you to a great ministry. Even when I did not know you, I sensed a spiritual presence surrounding you that flowed to others. You are a blessing!
— J.P. Schumacher, ILR director, Bluffton University