About Kathy

Hello and welcome! I'm delighted that you have stopped by to get better acquainted.  I would love to have this conversation over a cup of tea at my kitchen table. But for now, grab your favorite cup of something and listen in as I share a bit about me here.  You can learn my story below - or you can check out the professional page. Either way, I hope you will let me know about you as well.


I am Kathy - wife, mom, life coach, author, speaker. Isn't that how we usually tell people who we are?  By sharing the roles that we play in life? 

I have been pastor's wife, worship leader, home-school mom (and all the hats that go with that role). But I have learned that those roles do not define me. 

They are merely where I live out who I really am. No matter what role I am in, from the time I was a young child, I have always been ...

  • asker of questions that draw out the core issues

  • lover of real stories- yours or mine

  • believer that you (and I) are special and designed with unique passions and purpose.

For much of my life, I didn't think that these skills were a big deal. They were such an ordinary part of who I was, I didn't even see them in myself.  Honestly, it was when life happened with lot's of hard stuff :

  • We left a career we loved. (’04 & ’05)

  • We battled with health, or un-health in my body, as well as, in our family. (’04-‘06)

  • We both became entrepreneurs – the most challenging role in our lives next to parenting. (’05)

  • We lost our youngest daughter in a car-pedestrian accident at age 15. (’06) which has been the most difficult experience in our lives.

  • We became empty-nesters (’07)

All in the span of three short years.

In 2011, in a effort to make my pain mean something,  I started a coaching practice called Green Hope Coaching with Kathy Burrus.(greenhopecoaching.com)

As I walked with others in the journey to embrace what was real in their story and find LIFE there, I began to experience a resurrection of life within myself. 

In the laborious effort it took to survive, I began to live by instinct.  It was in the journey to healing: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that I began to see me - to be me again. 


I understood in a new way that not everyone asks questions like I do- of themselves or others. Without someone there to ask the hard questions - great answers often go undiscovered.

Not everyone loves stories enough to do the hard work of digging deep within themselves to uncover the wealth of learning our journeys long to teach us. There aren't a lot of people who are patient enough to walk with others as they listen to and begin to tell their own stories. I love that part of who I am.

Not everyone thinks about the beauty of others in how they think, work and play. One of the things I'm good at is seeing you; and being curious about how you were designed and how your story has shaped you for the way you influence your world.

I thought everyone did those things.  But when I began to see that if I wasn't who I was made to be, others were not getting the answers they needed, or listening to their lives or recognizing how remarkable they really are. No, I'm not the only person who does these things.  But..for whatever reason, I'm one of those people in your life now. 

So why does who I am matter to you? Well if you are part of this community you, will find...

  1. I know how hard it is to find the answers you are looking for.
    I ask a lot of questions on this site and in my blogs, coaching, books, etc.

AND I expect an answer. You don't necessarily need to give me the answer, but at least answer the question for yourself. 

NOTE:"I don't know" doesn't count as an answer.  You can say, "I'm not sure, let me think about it." or "I'd rather not go there right now." Both of those answers indicate you have made a decision about what you are going to do with  the question. That denotes action. "I don't know' indicates a lack of action, or willingness to move forward.

2. I understand that you have parts of your story that you wish you could rewrite. Yet I invite you to connect with your story and share what you learn from it.

3. I get that sometimes if feels like you have nothing to offer, or that your so ordinary that you can’t begin to do things that really matter. Here at Kathyburrus.com, we create ways for you to see the real YOU; your strengths, your uniqueness, your beauty.  

My promise to you: When you dare to BE you; true to your design, your story and your influence, you make a remarkable difference in your world.

My challenge to you: Take advantage of the opportunities offered here at kathyburrus.com. Find out more by signing up for our email list to get the latest updates. Let us work for you. 

First question:  “What makes you remarkable?”
What would your answer be? I’m really asking.

Let KathyBurrus.com help you in your journey to remarkable!