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Do you feel remarkable?

Most of us feel like there is something special we are supposed to do in our world, but we can’t put our finger on what IT is.  Does what we do even matter?  Are we making the kind of difference we long to make?

As for being remarkable– most of us work hard to leave our mark in our world but we struggle to believe that we ever arrive at remarkable.

Deep down I know you know this, but sometimes life circumstances and challenges send us mixed signals. Every once in a while it is just nice to be reminded. You are remarkable! 

You don’t have to—in fact, it is not even possible to—do life ‘like everyone else’.  Your design is unique! Your story is a goldmine of life lessons and guide posts for your future unlike anyone else's.

So quit comparing yourself to everyone else, 

Quit making excuses and just…  

be your remarkable self2.png

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