Imagine that Moment...!

I’m currently in the process of writing my next book. The working title is EnVision You: Unstuck and Confident. Today as I was writing the Lord gave me this visual in the Metamorphosis of a butterfly

-->   egg - caterpillar  - chrysalis - butterfly.

leisha with the butterfly.JPG


when the butterfly feels the hard of the chrysalis gives way

She begins to wiggle her way out -
feeling so very different than before

Her very body - though it is weak-
feels… free, light, full of energy

She is still for a moment-
In awe of the feeling of life surging through her body

Carefully, curiously she opens her wings

Looking from side to side aware that she has changed a great deal

Though she is not completely aware of her own beauty

We can see her- the colors, her fragile strength

That suddenly takes wing- wind lifting her higher and higher

Allowing her to see the world from a completely different perspective

Then when she was crawling, very near to the ground as a caterpillar

Now she soars- Fluttering from one perch to another.

Imagine saying This is what it feels to be Me.

EnVision You: Unstuck and Confident