No Matter What, You Are Enough

I’d like to introduce you to one of my TRIBEWRITER Girlfriends who shares a message that aligns to the message God has given me for the GHC community.
post from February 18th over at resonated so strongly,
I knew I had to pass it on to you. Listen in! Share in the comments how it connects to you. Thank you Tamela!

Guest Post by Tamela Pitts

When you look in the mirror 
And see only imperfections,
You are enough.
When anxious thoughts steal your sleep,
You are enough.
When you’re drowning in a list of to-dos 
You’ll never finish,
You are enough.
When you deny your own desires 
To satisfy someone else,
You are enough.

When he doesn’t call anymore,
You are enough.
When you grieve for the road not taken,
You are enough.
When the once solid ground 
Collapses beneath your feet,
You are enough.
When the voices of doubt tell you 
You can’t,
You are enough.
When you reach for pills, booze, 
Or a hot fudge sundae to dull the ache,
Still, you are enough.
And when all seems lost and 
You find it hard to see the light,
You, dear one, are enough.
If, right now, you find yourself feeling 
Like you’re not enough, 
Take heart, beloved girl,
And then take a closer look inside. 
Because beneath the comparisons,
Beneath the insecurities,
Beneath the criticism,
Beneath the heartache,
Beneath it all,
Resides who you really are.
Far, far more than enough.
You see,
You are so much more than your body.
More than what you do.
More than your wrong turns, failures, and mistakes.
More than your thoughts, fears, and doubts.
More than anything anyone else says you are 
Or are not.
More . . .  than you can dare imagine.
No circumstance of life,
No careless opinion of another,
Not even your own negative emotions
Can alter your true worth.
You already have within what you need to thrive.
Friend, you can take another road.
You can stand on your own two feet.
You can build the life you long to live.
You can reclaim the calling 
That’s been too long denied.
But regardless, 
And most importantly, 
You can love and accept yourself for who you are,
As you are, 
For the you your creator designed you to be.
Because today 
And every day,
No matter what,


Meet today’s guest post author, Tamela Pitts.

Meet today’s guest post author, Tamela Pitts.

Tamela Pitts is a writer, speaker, wife, mother, and caregiver. She and her husband, along with two Jack Russell Terriers, live just south of Nashville.

Tamela writes “For too many years, I was a passenger in my own life. Overwhelmed by a never-ending list of to-dos, I longed for something more with greater meaning and fulfillment. Yet, I felt stuck and didn’t know how to go about making positive changes.

Through a series of experiences, I was awakened to the gravity of our limited time, individual purpose and vast potential. I realized how critical it is to take actionable steps today instead of waiting on a non-existent someday.

That’s why I’m so passionate about each of us making the most of our gifts, our potential, and each day we’re given. My hope is that you will find something of value here to help you in your own pursuit of living fully.

Today is a great day to begin. Let’s go!