Name the Ways You Are Remarkable

Suppose I ask you, "In what ways are you remarkable?"
What would your answer be?


Would you shift your eyes away from me and let out a soft giggle, while you nervously try to decide how you will respond.

Will your next words be spoken with a humbleness (perhaps authentic or maybe a bit hoping I will affirm that you are indeed remarkable), "Well, I don't know if you can say I'm remarkable, but…"

Or you might let out a gasp, "Who me? Remarkable?  Yeah, Right?"

Or would you speak with confidence, "I AM remarkable and these are the ways…"

Well, this is me asking you. "In what ways are you remarkable?"

You are here because you believe you were made to make a difference in your world. Deep down I know you know this. But sometimes life circumstances and challenges send mixed signals.  Thanks to lessons learned in my own journey, I completely understand how life gets in the way of our owning who we truly are.


  • you may feel stuck because of circumstances or obstacles that hold you back.
  • you may be limited by the voices that play in your head with messages like
     'you're not good enough."
     "who do you think you are!"
  • you may have had life experiences that have drained life out of you and caused you to question why you should even bother to do the hard things necessary for success - however you define that word.

You, my friend, are not the sum of your limitations, losses or failures.  Yes, they play a role in making you who you are.  But your truly defining moments are born out of how you respond to the experiences of life; the good and the bad, the losses or successes.

You are able to choose how you respond.  Response- able! 
Responsible for your own response. 

Your responses to all that life brings won't be ‘like everyone else’.  Your design is unique! I know!  I hear you say, "just like everyone else". Yes! I do believe that we are just like everyone else because we are ALL unique.

But when you partner your design with your story, you have a goldmine of life lessons and guide posts for your future that are unlike anyone else's in the world.

So quit comparing yourself to everyone else, 

Quit making excuses and just…

be your remarkable self.png's me asking, "In what ways are you remarkable?

  1. Name five ways you know you are remarkable. Write them down.
  2. Share one of the remarkable things you know about you in the comments at my website
    or at my facebook page @greenhopecoach.
  3. Let's start a list of good things about ourselves and encourage others to do the same. 

Remarkable: worthy of being noticed as being uncommon or extraordinary