Thank you Jeff Goins!

Dear Jeff,


Last September 2017, I left the TRIBEWRITER Conference with three phrases planted solidly in my brain.




I was both undone - but mostly encouraged as you shared your story of starting not one- but #7or 8 (can't remember exactly how many) different businesses.  How it took not one, but 8 years to find the ONE THING you were committed to doing.

I was undone because of how long it takes to make something work. 

I was encouraged because I was at year 7.  I knew I was on the right track.  I knew I must be close to turning a corner.

When I left, I thought I had this 'in the bag!"  I had a group I was launching that next week that was going to 'bring 'em in"- clients, partners, income.  I went home, launched the group- and … Crickets. Nada. Nothin!

Though I knew there was interest- not one person signed up.

My first thought was, "oh that's it!  I'm done.  I've been doing this for almost 7 years.  I quit!"  But as soon as I thought the words  "I quit", I remembered your words Jeff:




I can't quit!  I promised Jeff I wouldn’t quit. Hmmm? 

I am starving. 

Oh not literally, obviously, since I'm working hard to lose weight right now.  But I am starving in the sense that I am struggling to connect with my clients and therefore generate enough income to not just pay my bills, but provide for other things as well.

I tried a few other things- rebranding myself as myself, trying to blog more often, spending more time working on my business and networking. But nothing was clicking.  By January, I was working harder, but not necessarily with clients. I was making a little money but not much.

Then this spring, I had a couple of opportunities to be coached by Carrie Wilkerson- who spoke on the #TRIBECONF stage in 2016.  Carrie challenged me to answer this question. What is the ONE THING you do for your clients? 

I wanted to say I help remarkable women make their powerful difference.  Except I wasn't.  Well, I was seeing some amazing things with the few women I was working with.  They were experiencing transformation and taking great steps forward.  But I was working one on one with just a couple of clients at the time.  I needed there to be more opportunity.

In June I attended the Social Media Week Lima 2018, a fabulous little conference which is right in my own backyard.  One of the speakers, Tiffany Lanier challenged me during one of the breaks to SHOW UP more in my community.

As soon as she spoke those words I heard your voice Jeff.




I was STARVING. I wasn't SHOWING UP.  In fact the only thing I had done was NOT QUIT, though I thought about it several times.  My husband had to talk me down more than once when I suggested that perhaps I should just go get a J.O.B. and let someone else tell me what to do.  And pay me regularly. 

Ren keeps reminding me that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

But I was 'starving' because I was not SHOWING UP! 


So I have!  For the summer months I have been SHOWING UP each weekday on my Facebook Live personal page. 

I have been showing up at my computer following the 3 BUCKET concept you taught us in WRITE A BESTSELLER.

I have been showing up in a morning routine.

I have been showing up in visualizing what I was to see in my future.

I've been showing up with more in community- both in Tribewriters and other groups. 

SHOWING UP has opened up a world a opportunity for me.

With Jeff Goins and his "little" at the end of #TribeConf 2017. 

With Jeff Goins and his "little" at the end of #TribeConf 2017. 

I'm not where I want to be yet, but I am moving in the right direction.

Thank you Jeff Goins!

From A very grateful TRIBEWRITER!


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