Embrace the GRIT You Need to Be Remarkable

Have you every tried to take a bold, next step and found yourself shaking in our boots because of the risk you are taking?

Every once in a while, I find myself trying to make some decisions about life, or business that just scare me! A lot! Mostly because in some way, I'm getting ready to take a risk - again. 

Seven years ago,

Sometimes Being Remarkable Gets Down Right Messy!

I recently spent some time with my parents and my oldest 'little' brother and his wife. I am the oldest of 5 kids, and Steve is just 3 years younger than I am but a whole head taller.  It is rare that it is just us at home with Mom and Dad.  Steve and Eileen had planned to be there in the middle of February. I had flown home when Dad had a heart attack that week also. 

I spent most of my time researching info, listening in to visits with the home health nurses and physical therapists, initiating the sometimes hard conversations that go along with these kinds of events in the life of your parents.  

But Steve and Eileen came with a plan to 'work'.