The Powerful Gift of a Remarkable Legacy

The past few weeks, my mind has had a plethora of emotions whirling around a myriad of thoughts in such a way that I found myself at a stopping point.  Not stuck, but not moving forward either. I have needed to ponder what it takes to leave a remarkable legacy.


My emotions have had a lot to do with time I spent with my Dad and Mom after Dad suffered a mild/ perhaps series of mild heart attacks.  I watched as he wrestled with life, feeling like he knew exactly what was going on, yet at times we weren't sure.  Mom  struggling to help him do whatever he needed to do to get better, yet trying to prepare herself for the possibility this could be an end.  For both of them, there was a confidence in their love that had helped them weather oer 60 years of marriage.  But it take a great deal of courage to walk the path they are on. 

Just as it takes a special grace for two precious women who each laid their husband to rest this past week. They have both been wives for a very long time, and knew this day would come. Yet for them to find sleep when their partner is no longer sharing their bed, or feel safe when their life-long companion has gone, is a difficult journey. 

My thoughts have been centered around the long lives, enduring marriages, lasting legacies all three of these couples represent.  Life hasn't been easy for them, but as I watch and listen to family members, I continue to be amazed at the remarkable continuance each one has had to live remarkably.  Not perfectly, not easily, but truly remarkably. 

There are days when I don't feel like doing the next right thing.  How about you?

There are times when the burden of doing life with a troubled family member, or keeping up the day to day responsibilities of home and family and job and ... (you've got your list too) feels like it's too much.

Yet, one day at a time- sometimes one breath at a time,

  • we take the next step,
  • we have the next conversation,
  • we love through the next hard place

Somewhere in the middle of all of that, something remarkable happens. We find ourselves at a new place.  We finish what we started.  We change a life and didn't even know it. 

I continue to stand in awe of the legacy of a life that keeps on.  It is often not how talented we are, or how much money we make, or the name we make for ourselves.  It is the faithful living, and learning, and loving, that makes the difference on the lives that matter most to us. 

The lives of these three couples- all in their 80's have once again taught me much. I appreciate your prayers for my parents, and for Lisa's mom, and for Steve's mom.  I know you probably have someone is your life that is glad for your prayers in their life as well.  

Being remarkable isn't always easy.  Sometimes we need the prayers and support of others to have the courage to keep on. Often we need special grace from others to be reminded of the many remarkable ways we have touched someone's life.  

Take a moment today to say thanks! And breathe a prayer for that special person in your life.