enVisioning Life's Highway

Without a real direction for this morning's SUMMER SHOW UP Day 3,  I ended up talking about VISION differently than I thought we would today.  

I shared an exercise I often use with my clients to help them identify where they want to go in life and how they are getting there. I used a metaphor of a LIFE HIGHWAY.  But I didn't explain it very well.  So here is a bit more information. 

enVisioningLife's Highway.png

Consider that you are preparing to take a trip.

You know where your are going- you have the address of your destination.
You have decided to drive since you are moving much of your belongings with you.
You have maps, snacks, suitcases packed and in the car. 
You have said good byes and are on your way.

You take the back roads from your house to get to the nearest interstate. You notice how easily you are able to merge into the traffic and once in your lane, you set your cruise control to the desired speed.

You relax a bit now that you are on the road, feeling confident you remembered to do all the things that needed doing.  It's a beautiful day for driving. The weather is clear, the roads are dry, conditions are perfect. 

You begin to pay attention to the traffic around you.  Your lane seems to be the slower lane, so you scoot over to the next one to your left.  You are considering moving over another lane when you come up over a hill and begin to see a red sea of brake lights ahead of you. 

Oh No!  Now what?

You move over another lane- then another.  Surely you can get passed the slow down without too much trouble.  But pretty soon you realize that all the lanes are being effected by whatever it was that happened in the far right lane. 

You slow your car down, coming almost to a stop.  Now all you can do is wait. 

Often this word picture helps us SEE very quickly what is going on in our life. 

  • Sometimes we use this to help identify our destination.
  • Sometimes the lanes we have in our life
    Spiritual ,
    Relational-(Family, Marriage, etc), 
    Personal Development
  • ometimes we recognize which lane is causing the traffic jam and affecting the other lanes of our life.

I honestly don't know why I went here this morning with this illustration, but my invitation to you is to take some time over the next few days and consider what we want to be true of our LIFE HIGHWAY.  

Where are we going?

What do we need to get there?

How are the lanes on our highway flowing? What road blocks do we need to get around, or stop to deal with to help our trip go more smoothly.

I would love to send you a worksheet to help you process your own LIFE's HIGHWAY.  Just fill in the information below and I'll send it to you.  Let me know how it goes.

Please send me the LIFE HIGHWAY Worksheet. Thanks!

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See you there!