Let Me Tell You About My New Book


If you have been following my blog, or my facebook pages, or talked to me personally over the last few weeks, you already know that I am in the process of launching my newest book,
EnVision YOU: UnStuck and Confident .

The KINDLE Book is available now on Amazon. The PAPERBACK and HARDCOVER books will be available on Sunday, September 22.

If by some chance you are just hearing for the first time, you might have some questions. Here are a few I’ve been getting from potential readers.

What’s your book about?

It’s a book about YOU, the reader!

You are a woman who wants to make a difference in her world! You want to do the stuff that really matters to you and to live your life confidently.

But in some way, you feel stuck.

EnVision YOU: Unstuck and Confident!
What would that feel like?

The book is written to help you get really honest about who you are and what you were made to do. Honesty is not always easy, but neither is pretending life is what it is not. At the end of pretense, not only are we exhausted, but we’ve ended up with false conclusions as well. When we tell the truth about ourselves, our circumstances and our story, we can live authentically and with that comes greater confidence.

But before we can take our best next steps, we need to figure out what is keeping us stuck. Once we free ourselves from the chains that tie us to our past, or the mud of limiting beliefs and false truths (boy that’s an oxymoron), or the grief and emotions that threaten to swallow us whole, THEN we can begin move forward in ways we have only dreamed of before.  

WHO should get this book?

 This book is written for women- but not just any woman.

This is for the woman who has experienced some of the HARD of life.
Grief might have consumed her for awhile like it did me.
Brokenness might have kept her living small.
Fear might have paralyzed her for a time. 

But …she is not there any more.

 If you are still in the middle of the heaviness of loss, brokenness and paralysis, This isn't the book for you. (but I invited you to check out my first book called Lovely Traces of Hope)

EnVision YOU: UnStuck and Confident is for the woman has already found some healing and is ready now to take her next step forward. In fact she is trying to make her remarkable difference in the world and she is ready to do the hard work of transformation. 

WHY would she want to read this book NOW?

Because every step she takes forward, she feels a stuck place. She doesn’t wonder if she’s stuck, she feels it every time she tries to do the next thing.

She becomes aware of the recurring beliefs that thwart her ability to push through.

She feels the tension of comparisons and expectations as she tries to stand out in the crowd.

She hears to voices of past failures or painful words that have been spoken into her life.

 She is the one this book is for. The one who knows stuck and is ready to do the work of breaking free.


Are you ready to take your next step, but struggling to identify whey you can’t seem to get anywhere?

Have you taken time to consider what your STUCK is? 

Or even how it feels to be stuck?

How about stopping the busyness and the distractions we sometimes pursue and instead take some time to ponder what is keeping us from being who we really are?  

You- being you- is exactly who your world needs you to be.

Are you ready to step into the role that was made for you?

EnVision YOU: UnStuck and Confident

Let’s do this together!


P.S. Just a reminder. The KINDLE version of the book is already available on Amazon for a reduced price.
Paperback and Hard Cover will be coming available by September 22nd.

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