EnVision YOU: UnStuck and Confident

Last summer I sat on the back porch steps looking up into the summer night sky, welcoming a break from the wrestling of the day. I’m trying to make a difference and do something that matters. Why does everything have to be so hard? Why can’t I just have an idea for something and ‘poof’ - make it happen?

But life is not like that, is it?

We all want to do work that matters, to influence our world for good, and leave a legacy for the people we love. But sometimes we wonder. Every step we try to take forward feels like we have a weight on us - or chains tied around our ankles and we can’t seem to break free.

What does it even look like to live and work confidently to make a difference in our world?  What does it feel like to step into our uniqueness, our beauty that forms the foundation for our confidence?

I imagine it feels something like a butterfly must feel as she spreads her wings for the first time and finds freedom to soar higher than ever before.

Can you put yourself in the wings of a butterfly? Imagine what that moment must be like?

What does it feel like to take bold next steps with that kind of confidence?

That thought came to me on the porch steps that night as I pondered how it would feel to soar like that butterfly. I wondered out-loud to the sky, Just envision you, unstuck and confident!”

The word EnVision is defined in two parts. Vision as a noun is the faculty or state of being able to see. When it is used as a verb (which is an action word), it means to imagine!

Not surprising, EN is a prefix or sometimes a suffix. When added to a word at either end, EN changes the other word. Usually it turns a noun into a verb, or perhaps an adjective that, if you remember, is a descriptive word.

Why is this little English lesson so important?

Well, EN generally means to cause (a person or thing—which are nouns) to be IN the place, condition, or state named by the stem word. Sounds like a pretty cool little word. 

When EN (to cause to be in) is partnered with VISION (to be able to see; or imagine) this amazing thing happens…

We can see the future as if we were dropped into our desired outcome!

All by itself, the definition of EN doesn't say anything about the future. It just has the ability to cause to be in.  Yet when you cause something to be IN VISION, you can imagine or visualize future possibilities.


But . . . my guess is that you struggle, as do I, to accept who you truly are as being enough for MORE! Before you can EnVision You at all, you must first break free of the STUCK places that keep you from believing in yourself.

 You not only DON’T feel confident; you DO feel stuck.

Yep! Me too!

So what do we do about that?

Well, for nearly a year I’ve been working to answer that question. I’ve been listening to my own story, but also the women I have worked with, lunched with, am friends with. The results of those conversations will soon be a book scheduled to launch in mid September 2019 called …

book has a name.png

EnVision YOU:
UnStuck and Confident

Several authors have shared with me that you don’t write a book about the things you already know. You write to research and uncover the answers to questions you yourself have questions about. This book is filled with my own questions as I have tried to break free of my own stuck places.

But it is written to help you - the woman who wants to make a difference break free of your own stuck places and embrace your true beauty to influence your world.

I’m excited to share more details with you over the next few weeks. Be watching for ways you can get involved,

  • either by joining the upcoming pilot coaching group I am creating to help women break free of their own stuck places.

  • or by joining the EnVision YOU Launch team to help get the word out about the book

I hope you will join me in the journey.

Here’s to EN-VISIONing ourselves: UnStuck and Confident!


P.S. Can’t wait to show you the new book cover. Keep watching!