Just ask Megan!

Have you ever wondered what might happen if you paid attention to your life?

Megan was one of those listeners who joined us last fall for our first S.N.A.P. it challenge.  I was delighted when several months later she wrote to tell me how her listening had made a difference- not just in her life, but at the MAIN EVENT for her church's youth group where she was bold enough to share her story. 

I'll let her tell you her story!

Want to join us for our next 5 day S.N.A.P. it challenge- starts Monday, May 7th through 11th? Just click here to request to join our Facebook group. Whether you can join us for our live conversations at noon each day, or listen to the recordings, you will benefit from the questions we ask. 

If you have questions, just leave them below or email me at kathy@kathyburrus.com.

This is a free event- with priceless outcomes.  

Just ask Megan!