Ten Days to 60!

60 used to be really old to me. 

When I was born,  my grand parents were in their 60's or very near there.  They seemed old.

Then I got near my 40's and my parents were entering their 60's. Somehow 60 didn't seem that old any more. 

Today I've been pondering the fact that in ten days I turn 60. 


6 decades

21,900 days

525,600 hours 

... yeah, I'm not going any further than that. 

But I have wondered if I took away all the time i have slept (and that's alot especially in the last 14 years due to health issues),  what have i done with my time.

Recently at a book signing I did back in my home community,  I was reminded of the places and people who were part of my youth. Memories flooded my mind of the opportunities and I had to explore who I was. I was reminded of the dreams I had to make something of myself. 

I never imagined i would be an author. I didn't even know what a life coach was. 

And yet I am aware that I am still doing the kinds of things i had always hoped to do:

Celebrating people

Encouraging them be all they were meant to be

Telling my stories- and helping other people tell theirs. 

 This just isn't HOW I thought I'd be doing it. 

In many ways I feel so much younger than i did when I turned 50.  Honestly, i don't remember turning 50. I was intensely grieving that year. There are a lot of things I don't remember. 

But this past week we  celebrated the life of my father-in-law, and I've been hanging out with my parents.

I'm keenly aware of the time I have left to live on purpose.

60 may seem old to you. 

But honey, I'm just getting going again. 

I hope you'll celebrate your age - whatever it is, even as i celebrate mine. 

Let's make this the most remarkable year yet.