Pieces and Parts Plus Accountability

Remember that feeling of having lots of thoughts floating around in your head, pieces and parts of projects just hanging out there, yet you can't figure out how to put it all together?  

Yea, me too! 

In fact, the last 6 months or so, I have felt like every thing I touched was only partially done.  It seemed that there was always something missing; like when you finish the whole puzzle and realize there is one piece that has dropped to the floor, or is lost completely. 

So I placed myself in accountability with people that 'pushed back' and forced me to answer the hard questions. As trusted friends, coaches and consultants were allowed into my ponderings, I discovered that I was the - not missing link, but rather changed dynamic. The efforts I made to, say put together a new group, or write the coaching material never found completion.  I felt confused in my efforts.

I began to answer their questions.

I started eliminating the non-essentials or the clutter that kept getting in my way. 

As I did, the important things began to surface. Things like values and goals, dreams and aspirations became quite clear and started to fall into place or ReGroup in my mind. 

And on top of that, I began to feel the joy for these things again.  

Joy inspired me to take a bold next step

- as least it feels courageous to me. I launched this new website (kathyburrus.com). 

So why am I telling you all this? Well, I wanted you to know that I know what if feels like to juggle so many things- important things.  I understand what it feels like to have goals, but not be able to pull them off like you hoped. 

I also know what if feels like to place yourself in accountability to someone you trust to keep you on track to 'get it done'. That's where it starts. 

Because I believe in you - I am offering a REMARKABLE ReGroup to help you make your remarkable bold next steps. This isn't new to me.  I have called this POWER HOUR in the past, but it felt like the group, like me, needed a new name and new perspective. 

ReMARKable ReGroup Mastermind

reMARKable regroup.png

Very often, we set really amazing goals for ourselves or our business but go months without seeing any results. Most of the time we have pieces and parts of the whole picture, but need an objective pair of eyes on the big picture. 

What will it feel like if you could complete your next goal in 30 days? 

You know that your greatest success often comes when you make yourself accountable to take your best next steps.

Let the ReMARKable Regroup Mastermind group help you

  • brainstorm your options
  • clarify your next steps
  • hold you accountable to them

New groups are forming, each lasting 5 weeks.  The first week we help you ReGroup the pieces and parts to get clear on the ONE thing that you want to do next. Each week you establish the next best step you will take in order to 'get it done'.  The group holds you accountable each week to the action steps you have chosen.  You will be amazed how that accountability will propel you to complete what's important. 

There are two groups forming now for you to join: 

  • Sundays at 9pm - Feb 18th- Mar 18th

  • Wednesdays at Noon - Feb 28th - Mar 28th

Cost for the 5 sessions is $127. Space is limited. 

Increase the impact of your Remarkable ReGroup by
ADDing a VIP 30 minute laser coaching sessions. 

These are shorter, but indepth coaching sessions you can use

  • before ReGroup (to help you formulate a plan),
  • during ReGroup (to process a next step or obstacle to it). 
  • after ReGroup (to followup your action plan)

ADD up to 3 Laser Sessions at the special price of $67 (regular $87) when used along with the ReGroup. 

(Phone number and access code will be sent to you after registering.)

Those 'pieces and parts' are roaming around in you brain for a reason. Let's name them, and identify the remarkable next step that will bring you remarkable joy. 

Sign up today!