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Capture your thoughts and insights as you work through the material in EnVision YOU: UnStuck and Confident

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Description of the workbook

This companion workbook is designed to capture your thoughts and insights as you work through the book EnVision YOU: UnStuck and Confident. I encourage you to print it out and have it nearby as you read.  Or perhaps you will want to use your journal instead and use this as a guide. That’s fine too!  

The workbook is to be a tool for you to grab those concepts that stand out to you or help you see something about yourself that seems important. There is a reason that some things will stand out more than others.

Our goal is to learn to pay attention to what jumps off the page or stirs more significant emotions in us.  What are these moments signaling in us or pointing us to? Those are the questions we will learn most from.

Each Chapter in the EnVision YOU book will have a space in the workbook for you to record things that stand out.  In some chapters, you will find specific exercises that can help you process portions of the material. 

At the end of each PART of the book, there will be a take away page for you to identify the one or two insights from the chapters in that part that you are willing to commit to for your next steps.

Make this work for you!  But remember, it doesn’t work, if you don’t do the work.  You are worth the investment of time and energy that it will take to consider this content.  You may need to go slow. That’s fine.  

Just DO IT!  Let’s do it together!

EnVision YOU:  UnStuck and Confident