Does REMARKABLE Really Start in the Morning? Ugh!

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Why does it have to be mornings?! I was participating in a conversation with my #SoNowSisters (the network for Professional Women that I belong to) about our favorite time of the day.

I was struck that many of these movers and shakers who are truly making a REMARKABLE difference in their world are...ugh!...morning people! You know the ones. They get up early without an alarm and seem to be awake the moment their feet hit the floor. They get more done in the hours between when they get up and when I prefer to get up than I sometimes do all day.  I know this because I am married to one of these morning creatures.

Most of my life I have functioned as a night owl.  I do my best writing, coaching and teaching after 8pm, when the earlier birds generally start making noise about being ready for bed.  We all have 24 hours to work with, right? I just choose to start mine later in the day.

As I sat there, though, the conversation around me got me thinking. What might change for me if I took a proactive step toward shifting my routine, and adding some hours to my day earlier rather than later?

Oh that’s a scary thought! Does it really have to be MORNING? What makes the morning such a special time? (check out the scripture verses I found about the gift of mornings) LINK

Why is there more VALUE in getting up early as opposed to working late?

Many thought leaders and people I view as successful (who, I've learned, were not all morning people when they started) believe the morning hours are such a precious time.

So I decided to investigate this idea:  WHY MORNING? (I started by checking out what the Bible says about mornings. click here)

Here's what some of my mentors had to say:

Michael Hyatt-

The best way to ensure a productive day is to set myself up for one the night before. This gives me a chance to make sure I do the most important things first.
From <>

He also wrote a great article about slaying all your dragons BEFORE breakfast.

If I don’t slay this dragon before breakfast, he usually gets the best of me. After breakfast—when the day’s activities are crowding into my life—my chances of doing battle and winning drop dramatically. Sometimes I can emerge victorious. But rarely.

My chances are better if I get in my basic disciplines before I get assaulted with the demands of the workday. From <>

Carrie Wilkerson

My business coach and the BAREFOOT EXECUTIVE  at writes-

So I get up and dress, and start the coffee. I do some reading, I do my daily devotional, and I just have some “me minutes” to kind of gather my thoughts around the day before I get them up, and start dealing with breakfast, and all those things.
From <>

Jeff Goins

(TRIBEWRITER or  I like this guy. I get him; what he says, does and how he shares it.

I’m not much of a structure guy. But I see the value in establishing routines, especially in the morning. From <>

Beth Moore

My friend from BMoore|Connected first challenged me to consider reading the book, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  She is a morning person, but when she became intentional with her morning routine, I saw quite a change in her as she worked through the first 30 days.   Here's what Beth has to say about the value of mornings.

When I decided to accept the 30-day Miracle Morning Challenge, and make it a  habit to start my day with a handful of important practices, things changed for me. I saw my stress levels drop, my focus and confidence increase and my sense of purpose get clearer.  Now when my feet hit the floor, the first thing I do is my Miracle Morning. It helps me keep my mind settled on the things that matter most, which sets me up to make better decisions all day long.

This is what I learned from the leaders I follow closely.  But there is a lot more to be said about mornings. As I explored other articles and blogs, I gathered a few significant insights. Mind you, none of these are new to me, but I'm including them here to remind me - and you - of the benefits of morning routines.

  • Sense of fulfillment and alignment with my purpose

  • Choice to be intentional about the important - not just urgent

  • More energy and motivation to get up and get moving

  • Greater focus and clearer vision for my future, for my day, for my relationships.

  • The biggest goals and aspirations come to the forefront of my mind and my calendar

One blogger commented that the productivity of her morning routine actually does make it feel like she has more hours in the day.

OK, if I'm honest sometimes my energy in the evening doesn't allow me to be as productive as I like to think.  If something comes up, well, my important things may not get done. Maybe even a night owl like me would benefit from using mornings with greater intentionality and purpose.

I have to admit it would be remarkable to get up in the morning with excitement and purpose already built into my day.

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So here's one non-morning person challenging you to consider if remarkable mornings are for you.  

I’d like to hear about what actually makes up your morning ritual. Let me know how it's going for you!  I'd love to hear what you consider important for your mornings.