Remarkable Couple

Put two people together in a marriage relationship and you have a perfect opportunity for some incredible growth. Whether we have been married for a while, or preparing to be married, the journey to a remarkable marriage is both a challenging and wonderful adventure. Our thriving partnership demands ...

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authentic transparency

honest and vulnerable communication

deep and meaningful intimacy physically, emotionally and spiritually

Here at, we believe that your relationships with those closest to you is where you live out most significantly how remarkable you are.  But sometimes we need someone to come alongside to ask the questions we need answer, and hold us to the vision we have for our marriage. 

Check out the opportunities below designed to help you
have one remarkable relationship.

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Getting on the same page

Coaching designed for the two of you. 

Ever feel like you and your spouse on a different page, or perhaps you are not sure you are even in the same book.

Schedule these two 2-hour sessions designed to help the both of you communicate about the topics important to you. 

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couple's marriage tune-up

Your marriage is good, but there are just some things that would make it better.  Cars need the oil checked, our bodies need health checks.  What are you doing to check on your marriage?

Schedule this package of four- two hour couple's sessions to look at the ways you can improve this significant relationship in your life. 

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SOON TO COME..Couples on Mission

Ready to be proactive with your marriage relationship? Take it to the next level by identifying what make the two of you together so powerful. Create your mission statement for your marriage and look at the ways you are better together. 

This may be done in a group setting- or in 6 private couples sessions. 

More details will be coming soon.