Green Hope Coaching for the Hard Stuff

Green Hope Coaching with Kathy Burrus
wants to partner with you during these winter months

We all have moments when we find it difficult to deal with the hard stuff in life. 

  • Grief that threatens to swallow us whole

  • Realities that squelch our hopes and dreams

  • Messages from our past that haunt our decisions
    and behaviors for our future 

If we aren't struggling with these things right now, we have a friend or family member who is. 

On top of wrestling with the consequences of hard stuff is the feeling of isolation that comes alongside.  We feel like no one knows our pain.  No one gets the struggle.  No one sees us. The dark months of winter can amplify this, especially during the holidays.  

I get it!  I've been crushed by those desperate feelings in my own story. I have experienced those lonely moments in the middle of a crowded room. Learn more about me here.

But I want you to know that while our journey through the HARD is often lonely, we don’t have to do it alone.

I would love to partner with you as you walk through these challenging times.
Or help you care for someone you love during this sometimes depressing season.

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Join me for the 2nd Live
Winter Webinar:


Thursday, February 28th
at 7:00pm (eastern)
(please note TIME Zone)

This is a free webinar- my gift to the GHC community in appreciation of your support through the ‘hard places’ over the past 8 years.

Join me from the comfort of your own home as together we look for ways to see the HOPE in the middle of our STUFF. Let’s support and encourage each other during the ‘hard times’.

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Or you can schedule a monthly support package with me. Here is what you will get:

  • a 90 minute session with me (Kathy) to share ‘your stuff’ and find ways to flow through it.

  • 4 weeks of personal email connection offering encouragement & support.

  • and a prayer partner to support you though the month. 

Here is what others are saying:

There has definitely been a break through.  Just talking with you and being real was a huge help.  When you are a leader…In your family, in your church, even among friends - I am always the listener, the one to offer advice; but not the one to seek it.  I understand the need to invest in myself, even doing it professionally with someone like you.  - Becky C

Thanks for the call, Kathy. I got a clearer vision of the next few months as well as the stuff right in front of me. I now have a plan and a focus. Thanks again. - Hazel B

You have no idea how much you helped me. - Amy C

Schedule a session for yourself, or give the gift of a month (or more) to a friend.

Hard stuff is hard enough to deal with all by itself.  You don't have to do this alone.  

I look forward to partnering with you so you can...
See GREEN HOPE in a sometimes brown world!

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Also Available this Winter:

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EnVision You:
Telling Your Best Story

I’m in the middle of writing my 2nd book. Ever feel like you have a story to tell but you aren’t sure how to tell it or who to tell it too? Me too!

Or maybe you aren’t sure what your story is telling you?

As I work through some of my own stories to share about my confidence journey, I invite you to consider what your story is telling you. And what you might need to tell your world.

Let’s partner together to tell your best story!

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