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I'm guessing you are here because the idea of being unstuck AND confident connects with where you are right now.  Chances are you have a longing within you to do something that matters. You desire to make a difference, as do I. Yet what we want to be and what we feel we must do in reality are are two different things.

I wish we could share a cup of tea as we compare stories. I’m sure we would find we have much in common.  We have spent a great deal of our lives trying to do things that mattered, yet every time we tried to take a step forward,we ended up struggling with a new stuck place. Or maybe it is an old stuck place that we thought we had dealt with, but now it has crept back into our lives as a new layer to be reckoned with.

Each time we hit that wall, or ceiling, or whatever stuck looks like today, we begin to question our direction and doubt our skills or abilities to get there.  We get bogged down to the point of wanting to quit doing whatever we are doing and become consumed with the HARD STUFF and the STUCK PLACES.

Have you ever felt that way?  Every time you take a step forward you find yourself dealing with another place of stuck as well?  

I really thought that if I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, I wouldn’t have to worry about being stuck.  Because I would… I don’t know ...maybe be so sure of myself, I wouldn’t get bogged down in the unimportant. I would be able to focus all my attention on the HARD parts of success.  Though even for you and me to agree on what success looks like would be a challenge.

The reality is that every woman getting ready to take a new step becomes aware that while she wants to be doing the things that matter to her-- she is also feeling a new place of stuck.  Often it is out of uncertainty whether she is qualified for the task ahead.

Sometimes it helps to talk about STUCK STUFF with others. We find out we are not alone- AND we discover steps we can take to help us move forward with confidence. Even baby steps - taken intentionally over time make a huge difference down the road.

To help you, I am offering several options:

EnVISION YOU: UnStuck and Confident

PILOT GROUP Coaching for 12 women

This group will be working through the material of my new book that comes out September 2019. Special pricing for this group. More details will be coming soon.

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Also Available this Fall:

Green Hope TRIO

There is this THING you feel like you need help to think through - 

  • next step

  • stuck place

  • thought process around a life message

  • emotion that keeps getting in your way

You discuss it with a friend and while you create new awareness around that THING, you aren't sure what to do with what you now know.

Schedule your GREEN HOPE TRIO coaching package and lets partner together to identify the strategy and actions that will work best for you.

Click the link below or scroll down under Products and Services.

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Join me for our next…


Thursday, November 21
At 8:000pm (Eastern)
(please note TIME Zone)

This is a free webinar- my gift to the GHC community in appreciation of your support through my ‘stuck places’ over the past 8 years.

Join me from the comfort of your own home as together we look for ways to see the HOPE in the middle of our HOLIDAYS. Let’s support and encourage each other as we move into seeing green hope in a sometimes brown world!

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Or you can schedule a monthly support package privately with me. Here is what you will get:

  • a 60 minute session with me (Kathy) to create a strategy to work through the hard sruff.

  • a 30 minute follow up call offering encouragement & support.

  • and a prayer partner to support you though the month. 

Here is what others are saying:

There has definitely been a break through.  Just talking with you and being real was a huge help.  When you are a leader…In your family, in your church, even among friends - I am always the listener, the one to offer advice; but not the one to seek it.  I understand the need to invest in myself, even doing it professionally with someone like you.  - Becky C

Thanks for the call, Kathy. I got a clearer vision of the next few months as well as the stuff right in front of me. I now have a plan and a focus. Thanks again. - Hazel B

You have no idea how much you helped me. - Amy C

Schedule a session for yourself, or give the gift of a month (or more) to a friend.

Hard stuff is hard enough to deal with all by itself.  You don't have to do this alone.  

I look forward to partnering with you so you can...
See Green Hope in a sometimes brown world

More opportunities can be found here!

EnVision YOU : UnStuck and Confident