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Ever wish the world would stop turning
so you could get off?

Maybe things are so moving so fast you don't have time to even notice what is happening.  Or you might notice, but don’t understand why some moments stir such emotional reactions within you?

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SEPTEMBER 10-14, 2018

To STOP and LISTEN to your life

Have you ever had a day where you binge watched TV?  At the end of the day, how much do you really remember?  I'm guessing not much- even if you watch an entire season of one program. 

When we rush through life, when we experience all of those seemingly random events, circumstances, and conversations, we just blow right through them and keep on going. Pretty soon the 'movie reel' of our life story goes faster and faster. Our special moments, memories and insights all become a blur. 

It's not until we STOP- and pay attention - that we can begin to slow down the 'the world' and capture, not only the STILL snapshot of a single scene- but a STILLNESS within us as well. 

Within that STILL and that STILLNESS we ...


What will you get out of this?  Here's what a few of the previous challenge members had to say.

I decided to join this challenge because my life is about to speed up, I knew I would need the reminder to slow down and notice...! My mind will be more distracted by all these new things
and don’t want to lose the art of Noticing! Thank you for offering this!
— Kristi F- former participant
Stopping helps me to relax and be thankful. It reminds me to say a prayer and thank God for the moments He gives me. And like you said, it gets me into the practice of remembering by observing what is really going on.
— Megan H. former member

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How does it work?

  • REGISTER for this free challenge at the bottom of this page. 

  • Set aside 10 minutes to pay attention to what you noticed during the day. 

    • Where?  You decide.  Same place every day or a different spot. Just make sure it is a space with SPACE to think and listen.
    • When? You decide.  Same time or a different time. Just commit to do it every day.
    • What do you do?
      • Each of the FIVE DAYS you will receive
        • an email from me
        • with a short video
        • and some cues for what to listen for in your 10 minutes of reflection.

Just make sure you have a notebook, or camera, or some way of recording the insights that come to mind as you listen.  We will talk more about that after you are signed up. 

  • Join the Facebook group for added conversation with me and the others who join.  Be sure to comment and engage every day to be entered in the GIVE AWAY on the last day.  More details to come. 

My moments matter. Looking back, moments I didn’t even realize would be momentous,
turned out to be highly significant to my life, and maybe to others.
— Margie H

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