The Remarkable Gift of SHOWING UP You!

--  how the 30 day challenge challenged me.

The past 30 plus days have been an interesting experiment for me to SHOW UP each day to my GHC community.

To remind you, it was while attending the Social Media Week Lima 2018 conference in June, that coach and speaker Tiffany Lanier (#LivewithTiffany), challenged me to SHOW UP! 

"I don't know how it will change you - or your community- but I know it will.  Just SHOW UP!"

Her words struck to the core of me.  Last fallm at the 2017 TRIBEWRITER conference I attend each year, the message I came home with from Jeff Goins and friends was "Don't quit.  SHOW UP.  Don't starve."


I was starving.  Oh not literally, obviously, since I'm in a battle to lose weight right now.  But I was starving in the sense that I was struggling to connect with my clients and therefore generate enough income to not just pay some bills, but provide for other things as well.

As Tiffany shared her wisdom with me I realized I wasn't SHOWING UP.  In fact the only thing I had done was NOT QUIT.  Though I thought about it several times.  Ren had to talk me down more than once when I suggested that perhaps I should just go get a J.O.B and let someone else tell me what to do.  And pay me regularly.  Ren keeps reminding me that this is what I am supposed to be doing.

But I was 'starving' because I was not SHOWING UP!  I knew it as soon as Tiffany spoke those words. 


So I have!  For 30 days now I have been SHOWING UP on my Facebook Live personal page.  And so have you!

You are a huge part of the gift …

Does REMARKABLE Really Start in the Morning? Ugh!

Why does it have to be mornings?! I was participating in a conversation with my #SoNowSisters (the network for Professional Women that I belong to) about our favorite time of the day.

I was struck that many of these movers and shakers who are truly making a REMARKABLE difference in their world are...ugh!...morning people! You know the ones. They get up…

Revealing Remarkable Truth about Your Life

How often do you step back and ask yourself, "How am I doing at living the life I want to live?"

As I pondered my answer to this question this month, I thought about you.  While we can't plan some of these occasions, we can learn from moments like them in powerful ways.  This month I had some significant events that caused me to ponder my story.  

Want to learn something about yourself- something really remarkable?

1. Go to a …

Ten Days to 60!

60 used to be really old to me. 

When I was born,  my grand parents were in their 60's or very near there.  They seemed old.

Then I got near my 40's and my parents were entering their 60's. Somehow 60 didn't seem that old any more. Today I've been pondering the fact that in ten days I turn 60.  

Embrace the GRIT You Need to Be Remarkable

Have you every tried to take a bold, next step and found yourself shaking in our boots because of the risk you are taking?

Every once in a while, I find myself trying to make some decisions about life, or business that just scare me! A lot! Mostly because in some way, I'm getting ready to take a risk - again. 

Seven years ago,

The Powerful Gift of a Remarkable Legacy

The past few weeks, my mind has had a plethora of emotions whirling around a myriad of thoughts in such a way that I found myself at a stopping point.  Not stuck, but not moving forward either. I have needed to ponder what it takes to leave a remarkable legacy.

My emotions have had a lot to do with time I spent with my Dad and Mom after Dad suffered a mild/ perhaps series of mild heart attacks.  I watched as he wrestled with life...

Sometimes Being Remarkable Gets Down Right Messy!

I recently spent some time with my parents and my oldest 'little' brother and his wife. I am the oldest of 5 kids, and Steve is just 3 years younger than I am but a whole head taller.  It is rare that it is just us at home with Mom and Dad.  Steve and Eileen had planned to be there in the middle of February. I had flown home when Dad had a heart attack that week also. 

I spent most of my time researching info, listening in to visits with the home health nurses and physical therapists, initiating the sometimes hard conversations that go along with these kinds of events in the life of your parents.  

But Steve and Eileen came with a plan to 'work'. 

Lessons of Remarkable Abundance from Time with My Dad

I've been pondering the irony  
of my study of remarkable life, 
Abundant life
Man fully alive 

As i feel that i am coming alive again
After walking through grief 

As i now walk with my parents  
Through struggle to live
after Dad's heart attack

And breathe 

And eat & drink  

And walk 

It's like being born again
In a new way
All over again 

Is this the end  

Or a beginning ...

Do you have a 'scary' woman in your life?

I have a confession to make.

I almost didn't share it with you, but I don't think I'm the only one who struggles with this. So please tell me you know what I'm talking about. 

This past week, I was challenged to approach five 'scary' women in my world to let them know about some of the opportunities I have for them at the new

Now, by 'scary',  I don't mean they are dark or ominous; or that they make me afraid.  Well, ok, maybe they have made me a little afraid.  But it is not because they tried to frighten me. 

Rather it is because they are...