Thank you Jeff Goins!

Dear Jeff,

Last September 2017, I left the TRIBEWRITER Conference with three phrases planted solidly in my brain.




I was both undone - but mostly encouraged as you shared your story of starting not one- but #7or 8 (can't remember exactly how many) different businesses.  How it took not one, but 8 years to find the ONE THING you were committed to doing.

I was undone because …

The WORD on Mornings

'm beginning to think that I am a 'slow adopter' in the area of morning routines.  (After 60 years of living what was my first clue, right?) I've done much of my life “fitting things in” that are important to me.  I have just done it later in the day - or when I have a few minutes - or before bed. If it is important, you get it done, right?

Maybe for that stage of my life that was ok.  At least it is the choice I made then and I'm ok with that.  I would still like to think that I can get as much done in my old way as I would by creating an early morning routine.

But recently, I've been challenged to think and do mornings differently…

Does REMARKABLE Really Start in the Morning? Ugh!

Why does it have to be mornings?! I was participating in a conversation with my #SoNowSisters (the network for Professional Women that I belong to) about our favorite time of the day.

I was struck that many of these movers and shakers who are truly making a REMARKABLE difference in their world are...ugh!...morning people! You know the ones. They get up…