The Power of Your Tribe

Do you know that feeling of being surrounded by people who are amazing and feeling like just being in their presence makes you a better person?

I do!

I have chosen to connect myself with some amazing, super people, whether it is my network of professional women I belong to - or my church or small group. I am a better person just because these people are in my life.

One of those highlights in my life is to connect with a group of creative, soul-searching writers and artists who gather at the…

Pieces and Parts Plus Accountability

Remember that feeling of having lots of thoughts floating around in your head, pieces and parts of projects just hanging out there, yet you can't figure out how to put it all together?  

Yea, me too! 

In fact, the last 6 months or so, I have felt like every thing I touched was only partially done.  It seemed that there was always something missing; like when you finish the whole puzzle and realize there is one piece that has dropped to the floor, or is lost completely. 

So I placed myself in accountability...